AML Audits & Advisory

We offer independent AML and financial crime audits and advisory services to regulated businesses looking for guidance or advice on how to establish or improve your AML or anti-financial crime (AFC) systems and controls in general and in relation to specific risks such as money laundering, terrorism financing, sanctions, bribery & corruption, fraud and data privacy and protection.

Our certified, pragmatic team will offer you solutions dictated by actual conditions existing in your business, working collaboratively with you to ensure that solutions offered aligns with your own processes, controls, and expectations.

Our Audit Approach

We take time to fully comprehend your business model and adapt our audit scope and focus to meet the requirements of your business’s size, complexity, and AML/CTF risk related to your business operations. This approach ensures that we work alongside you to establish measures that are suitable and effective in detecting and preventing your business’s AML/CTF risk exposures, ensuring full compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.

Our audit reviews typically encompass the entire spectrum of your business’s Anti-Money Laundering (AML) program, encompassing areas such as:

  • Governance & Internal Controls,
  • Customer Due Diligence – KYC,
  • Customer Due Diligence – Ongoing Monitoring
  • Anti-Bribery Procedures,
  • Anti-Fraud Procedures
  • Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR),
  • Staff Recruitment, Training and Staff Alertness and
  • Record Keeping

Once our audit review is completed, we will furnish your business with an audit report that contains:

  • A comprehensive, impartial evaluation of each of the required elements of the business’s AML program, highlighting any identified gaps against regulatory obligations, with the ability to track and manage improvement activities.
  • Relevant insights and actionable recommendations that can be utilized to optimize your AML/CTF framework.

Our audit review services can be rendered either remotely or on-site, depending on the requirements of your business.

Contact us today to arrange an independent AML audit for your Bank, Fintech, MSB or Payment Services business, which will demonstrate your adherence to all relevant laws and regulations to your board, regulators, or banking partners.