Expand your knowledge and learn how to identify and assess the inherent risks of corresponding banking relationships, as well as comply with enhanced ongoing monitoring obligations. This course provides practical guidance on managing the risks associated with typical CBR activities, such as trade finance transactions, cross-border payments, commercial transactions, foreign exchange deals, and monitoring nostro and vostro accounts. The course is designed to help delegates gain a deep understanding of the challenges, regulations, and best practices involved in implementing enhanced due diligence procedures to effectively mitigate these risks. By enrolling in this course, you will acquire the essential skills needed to navigate the intricacies of correspondent banking, enhance your risk management abilities, and ensure compliance with regulatory mandates. 

Target Group

Compliance teams, audit teams, trade finance teams, global payments teams, retail teams, operational teams in banks that provide corresponding banking services and product money service businesses and Fintech that provide cross-border payments. 

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